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Company Furukawa Electric Autoparts Central Europe s. r. o. (shortly FACE) is a daughter company of Japanese Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd and Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc. FACE was founded in July 2001.
In August 2003 the company opened a new greenfield production plant in an industrial zone near the city of Unhošť. FACE was founded in July 2001.
The company’s modern production hall is used to produce SRC (Steering Roll Connector) modules, electrical parts of the car airbag system.
FACE’s production process employs the most advanced technology and procedures, which contribute, along with its personnel’s professional approach, to a very high efficiency of production organization and ensure the top quality and reliability of its products.
The company applies Japanese management methods based on the FAS WAY, which it flexibly adapts to the specific environment of the Czech Republic.
SRC modules made in our Unhošť plant can be found in cars supplied by major global car makers, such as Toyota Motor Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Company and others.
FACE established the German branch in Frankfurt 2016 for customer development recently.

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Steering Roll Connector


An SRC is a connector for sending the electric signals of the collision sensor to the air bag on the steering wheel in the air bag system.

This product is critical for the instantaneous transmission of electric signals under extreme conditions that can save human life.

We commenced design and production more than twenty years ago, so we have accumulated considerable technological expertise in this area.

In recognition of our development capabilities and low costs, we have the largest market share in the word.

Other products of Furukawa Group



Furukawa SRC development team is able to offer to you customized design based on your requests.

  • Connectors and Terminals
  • Our company has been authorised to supply of an Automotive Components manufactured by Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc (FAS) in European region.

  • Distributors
  • There are not any other official distributors of the parts.

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  • How to get in conntact with us
  • All your offers will be replied by our Gereman Branch sales office.More details in the Contact section.


The company pays much attention to employee's selection, support and further professional training in every position because the key for the company success is the company staff! FACE s. r. o. motivates employees to participace in continual process improvement leading to achieving the maximum quality of the product (Kaizen system) as well as to providing the best working conditions for employees.

We are dedicated team, we work globaly.

We do our best to work as a one team as a ONE FURUKAWA.



We follow FAS way.


Safety FIRST

Human life of each of our member is the most important for us.

Our Quality

We Deliver best quality and our goal is ZERO Defect

Quality Policy

Motto: Customer satisfaction is our key priority.
Target: We are 1st choice for our customer
  • Be True partner for our customers
  • We develop our employees
  • We continuously improve the efficiency of our quality management system
  • We ensure product and workforce safety
  • An open constructive discussion based on current data helps to continually improve our manufacturing processes and techologies.
  • We never give up, we always aim for the set goal.

IATF 16949

  • FACE sucessfully reached IATF 16949 certificate

Quality targets

  • 0 supplier PPM
  • skilled operators
  • apply all quality tools

European Social Fund in the Czech Republic

In period 1.5.2013-30.4.2015 was our company beneficiarier or financial grant from Operational program "Lidské zdroje a zaměstnanost" for higher adaptability of our employees and company competitiveness in amount of 3.052.370,60 Kč for project:

Human resources development in company Furukawa Electric Autoparts Central Europe s.r.o.

Purpouse of the project:

I. Through education,
respond to a changing external environment and thus increase the company's competitiveness
II. Through HR development
in our company react on structural and technological cahngech and current ve společnosti reagovat na strukturální a technologické změny a současnou economic stagnation and to increase the expertise and substitutability of the employees and, last but not least, to support the mobility of the target group of the employees on the labor market.
III. With respect to
the fact that job opportunities for less qualified workers and those aged 50+ are diminishing, this project aims to make it easier for less qualified workers and 6 people over 50 (11% of the target group) to increase their qualifications.
IV. Create
a material technical background for internal education
V. Make
training in a targeted and permanently monitored and sustainable process



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Party in Žilina near the Kladno

We had a company summer party. We hope all of us enjoyed it.

ERP system implementation

We are imlementing ERP system QAD in our plant.

α Terminal Series

Aluminum wire harness - anti-corrosion terminals

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